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To help us resolve your problem efficiently, please select the correct request type.
Illegal Dumping
Report objects dumped on public property
Report Graffiti
Report graffiti on public property
Street Cleaning Sweep Your Street
Request for a general clean up of a public street
Abandoned Bicycles or Trolleys
Report abandoned bicycles or trolleys on public property
Abandoned Vehicles
Report a vehicle abandoned on a public street
Overflowing Skips
Remove skip causing public nuisance
Public Litter Bin Maintenance
Request a new public litter bin, or the emptying or repair of an existing public litter bin
Report Litter Offence
Please input as much information as possible for example, car registration if known
Electoral Poster Complaint
Complaint Regarding Replacement of Poster
Bonfire Materials
Report any issues concerning bonfires materials
Roads Maintenance
Report a Problem with the Road Surface
Report a Problem Pothole
Footpath Issues
Report a Problem on the Footpath
Street Furniture
Replace/Repair Damaged Bollard, Pedestrian Bars, Cycle Stands
Report a Faulty Manhole Cover
Traffic Calming
Report a Problem with Ramps
Request for New Street Name Plate
Repair Existing Road Sign
Repair Existing Road Sign
Repaint of Road Markings
Repaint Existing Road Markings
Visitor Parking Permit Online
Online Visitor Permits only available to Permit Holders - email parkingpermits@dublincity.ie
Report a Gully Problem
Report Gully Problem Service Request
Report Water Pollution
Report Water Pollution Incident
Grass Maintenance
Request for a green area to be maintained
Tree Maintenance
Request the maintenance of a tree on public property
Weed Control
Request for weeding control on public property
Public Lighting
Public Lighting Repairs
Public Lighting Repairs
Dublin City Fire Brigade
Donate Vehicle DFB
Donate Your End of Life Vehicle to Dublin Fire Brigade if you Live in the Dublin City Council Area
Request an Application Form
Request an Application Form
Request an Application Form
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