Before you start:

1. Please note this online form will time out after 30 mins. You should have the property owners’ signature document / statutory declaration scanned and ready for upload (pdf and jpeg formats preferable).
2. Please note Form 16 (this form) is for notification when 90 days of short term lets has been exceeded in the current calendar year. Please ensure a Form 15 notification has been submitted for this property prior to submitting your form 16.
3. For completion of this form you will require the signature of the person(s) engaging in homesharing and/ or short term letting in their principal private residence. Please see signature document / statutory declaration available for download below.
4. Please ensure the property subject of the application is within the municipal area of Dublin City Council. We cannot accept forms intended for other city/ county councils.
5. On completion of this form you will be given a unique reference notification number. This will also be emailed to you. Please retain it for future reference.
Download Signature Document

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